“I look forward to the submissions being more focused on ecological thinking”, said Nirmal Kishnani

Responding to the Declaration of “Vietnam Green Architecture” and the Green Architecture Criterias announced by the Vietnam Association of Architects, the 5-year journey of Spec Go Green International Awards (SPGGIA) has impressed architectects and student domestically and internationally.

For the contest to be as successful as today, it is impossible to have the Jury, who worked hard and impartially to give decision to the most worthy entries of Spec Go Green. Continuing with the Spec Go Green International Awards for the past 5 years as the Head of the Board of Supervisors, Professor Nirmal Kishnani – Editor-in-Chief of FuturArc magazine shared a lot with us.

Below is a transcript of the interview with Nirmal Kishnani

Kienviet (Organizers): Hello Mr. Nirmal Kishnani. We are glad that you were here and accepted today interview despite being quite busy with your schedules. The Spec Go Green 2019 season is gradually entering the inception phase, how do you feel about this?

Nirmal Kishnani: Thank you for allowing me to be a member of the Jury once again. It seems like the judges merely decided what was good and what wasn’t. In fact, we expect to learn something from many of the interesting designs we think. For this, I thank all the students and architects who submitted their entries. We learn a lot from your efforts and passion. I have watched the award developed from Vietnam expand across Asia, and it will be a pleasure to see the submissions with ideas getting better through years – very creative views of green and sustainable architecture. These ideas are very important, because they give us a better understanding of Vietnamese architecture.

Nirmal Kishnani

Kienviet: So, what do you say about the project that won the SPGGIA Community Award 2018 of the Architecture Student category named “HIV Children Care Village”?

Nirmal Kishnani: This is sympathetic and somehow connected to the natural. Taking advantage of the design power, it created an environment where people feel healthy.

Kienviet: The First Prize Project in the Young Architect Category called “Jackfruit Village”. What is your comment about its idea? In your opinion, what does this building design idea mean for the improvement of architecture and green living environment in Vietnam in general and rural areas in particular?

Nirmal Kishnani: The fluidity of the shapes really surprised me, as this is a project using wood, stone and straw. Also, the project is modern and indigenous, due to its design strategies for the flows of water and social spaces. This is an excellent description of the future in Vietnamese rural areas.

Kienviet: SGGIA 2018 has lots of submissions that are listed in the project category. With that, projects for the community increased significantly. What are your impressions of “Spirit of An Giang Floating Village” – 3rd prize in Architecture Studennts Category?

Nirmal Kishnani: The floating village model in the Mekong Delta demonstrated a detailed insight as well as a careful and insightful way of thinking, from how to use materials to the space for social activities, as well as technological integration, from energy management to water and garbage.

Kienviet: Sustainable and Resilient Housing – Mekong Delta, also know as a effective solution for the Mekong Delta region, won the Second Prize in the Young Architect Category. What do you think?

Nirmal Kishnani: The highlights of this project is the simplicity and elegance of the shape and characteristics of the material have led to the holistic modular system, which facilitates conducive to development. This plan is highly geometric and repetitive, but shows less interest in the proportion of people in everyday life.

Nirmal Kishnani, Spec Go Green
Spec Go Green International Awards 2018

Kienviet: Two impressed projects are “Module +” (The Council Award) and “VAC Library” (The Community Award) must be really significant to the Jury. How about you? Why did you agree to choose them?

Nirmal Kishnani: To me, “Module +” is kind of “ephemeral” and “haunting” structure of an elegant beauty. When dismantled, it will leave no trace to proved that the building has ever existed. The connective system includes component units, like a kit assembled from many parts, very gentle, and elegant.

As for “VAC Library” – The children’s library, I think it will help reduce the high density and social space deprivation problems in many urban areas. What a impressive, naughty space for children and bring a new feeling to the neighborhood.

Kienviet: So what are your expectations for this year submissions?

Nirmal Kishnani: I think there are many ideas and talents that we always see every time I attend the award as a member of the Jury. Green Architecture will be developed properly. What I am looking forward is a greater emphasis on ecological thinking, and of course, more creative and sustainable thinking about green architecture

Kienviet: Thanks for your useful shares. We are looking forward to the number and quality of entries this season

Mr. Nirmal Kishnani has been the Editor-in-Chief of FuturArc magazine since 2007, and is a chairman jury of the FuturArc and FuturArc Green Leadership Award.

Praticing in the field of Green Building for years, he has both taught as a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture, National University of Singapore and at the same time. He has spoke, written about of Greening in Asia and has consulted on a number of projects in the region.

SPEC GO GREEN INTERNATIONAL AWARD is a prestigious architectural award for young architects and architecture students under the auspices of the Vietnam Association of Architects, the sponsor SPEC of 4 Oranges Company and the execution acency Kien Viet Joint Stock Company. The award is a respond to the “Vietnam Green Architecture” manifesto and the Green Architecture Criteria announced by the Vietnam Association of Architects.

Judging time: December 09 and 10, 2019

Awarding time: January 8, 2020

For more information about the prize rules, please visit the website www.specgogreen.com và kienviet.net. The organization accepts entries until 17:00 on November 30, 2019.



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