Architects: Do Minh Duc, Nguyen Ba Duc, Nguyen Nam Duong, Nguyen Xuan Ngoc

Company / Organisation

1 + 1 > 2 International Architecture JSC


Phung Khoang new town, Ha Dong district, Hanoi, Vietnam

The school is located in Hanoi, and the site is an asymmetric land pt surrounded by several towers. The school comprises a kindergarten, a primary school and a secondary school. It does not only have separate playgrounds divided by age but also a common playground, which could be used by everyone. To fit in the asymmetric, the school is designed in a zigzag form along the site. A variety of continuous spaces are designed like a loop combined with a flexible bridge corridor system creating major and interesting  changes with some nice and surprising views for the users. In this design, classrooms are oriented to the North and South and therefore maximise daylight and ventilation. The sports fields, gymnasium and canteen are placed at the end of prevailing wind direction. As a result, noise can be considerably reduced.

The shape of the building represents the journey of a child’s growth and its main functions are arranged by the path which is friendly to all people. The start of the path is a kindergarten block. The following block is for a primary school on the two lower floors and a secondary school on the two upper floors. The fifth floor is reserved for artistic activities, music and research. A series of gardens are interposing between classroom blocks and the rooftop garden is covered with many types of plants, not only helping to stimulate an efficient solution for heat-insulating and air filter.

With the intention of forming an attractive and vivid school, the window systems on the facades are designed in different sizes and colours. It is also arranged randomly, making and interesting and childlike look for the pupils. Additionally, there are colourful eaves systems above the windows which cast the shadow on the walls and protect classrooms from direct sunlight. The colours of the school are in neutral white and brown. Furthermore, some bright and cheerful colours of the louvre systems outside the swimming hall and canteen also add more playfulness and creativity to the appearance.

Besides, the main playground in the space between the block does not only facilitate daylight and natural ventilation but also plays the role of a buffer zone for noise control. With the roof garden and green playground, the school looks like a green centre among tower blocks, creating an eye-catching point of view from above.

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