Architects: Pham Thai Ninh, Nguyen Duy

Company / Organisation

Time Architects


94/10, Hiep Nhat Road, Percint 4, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh city

-Tradition is the design topic. The house is located at the end of Nhieu Loc canal, Tan Binh district and in an alley of Hiep Nhat street. The main façade faces west and is therefore directly influenced by solar radiation. In front of the house, there is a small yard, connecting the alley with two others. The total land plot is 40m2 and in a trapezoid shape, surrounded by buildings constructed in a chaotic situation and also in monotone styles.
-Building developer would like to create a natural but modern living space. However, traditional features should be found and incorporated into the design. From site analysis, the design team learned how to fulfill this requirement and could really enhance the living quality for the house owners as well as strengthen the relationship between the family members and their neighbors.
-By the spatial planning of a traditional house with a patio, buffer zones and louver doors, the team tried to use these traditional design solutions in a modern building and meet the needs of the house owners to the fullest. The built form is a curve with an elevated roof to maximize the gain of daylight and the air circulation for the house.
-External walls serve as filters, reducing direct sunlight and noise while enhancing the interaction between the house and its neighboring buildings. The voids inside the house will be used as additional living rooms in the future when the house owners need a larger area. Wood is used for floors in place of concrete. Because of an intelligent design solution, the rooms are filled with daylight and cool wind. The connection between indoor and outdoor space is also strengthened.
-Building of the house does not actually require a large investment. The cost is partially reduced by means of using some old and recycled materials, such as tiles and wooden purlins from the old house to have been dismantled. In combination with steel, the surface of ceiling engraved in bamboo pattern, the house is an interesting dialogue between modernity and tradition.

Built form is designed in a torus with large open space in the middle with beautiful landscape design. Here, architecture may be redefined. Apart from function and aesthetics, the human contact with nature is maximized

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