Architect: Ngo Tuan Anh

Company / Organisation

Tak Architects


24 Sao Bien, Vinh Hai, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa

Ccasa Hostel is the first hostel to be built from shipping containers in Nha Trang city (Vietnam). The hostel is located in the north of the city, about 3 km from the centre, just within a three-minute walk from the beach. It is close to famous tourist sites in Nha Trang: Hon Chong – Hon Vo as two huge rocks representing a married couple associated with a fascinating local myth, Temple of Ponaga Goddess of the Khmer people, natural mineral water spring resort I-resort, etc

The land plot is 6.5m x 30m in dimensions and accessible from Sao Bien road.

This is a hostel for backpackers designed on the basis of a motto saying that everyone around the world can be connected and live together in a big family. Ccasa is built to serve as a family house with cabins inside containers to be used as bedrooms, shared public area (including kitchen and living room), terrace roof as a playroom, washing area as toilet and bathrooms.

The design of Ccasa is completely different from conventional hotels. Instead of prioritizing bedrooms, the project focuses on shared space to maximize the connection among travelers. Bedrooms are minimized and other activities are organized outdoors. Even the washroom is shared.

The hostel consists of three function blocks made of old shipping containers: service block, dormitory block, and washing block. Serving block is painted black while dormitory block in three colors symbolizing three types of bedroom and washing block in white. These three blocks are connected with shared space as well as traffic route open to surrounding landscape. This is the main feature making the blocks stay in better harmony with nature.

Other green and user-friendly design solution include open entrance routes with pergola overhead and roof terrace gardens with hammocks.

Encaustic cement tiles, recycle wood windows, flat winnowing baskets, rustic cement brick is used in a smart way to show or bring back some good memories about Vietnam’s old architecture to tourists. Ccasa hostel has become a new attractive destination for travelers and provided more green space for travelers to relax.

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