Students: Pham Xuan Toan, Nguyen Thuy Dung
Instructor: PhD. Arch Nguyen Bich Hoan

Company / Organisation

Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture


Quang Binh province

Our solution to this huge problem is proposed on the basis of disaster-responsive building.

The space is supposed to be used for both public and private purposes, with a living house, a storeroom, a disaster shelter and an additional space for self-production. Whatever the purpose of use may be, the main idea must fulfill a number of fundamental requirements for this kind of building: open structure, simplicity, and feasibility. Our design shows a light-weight structure is optimal, flexible and transportable. In addition, the local ecology, socio-cultural context, and economic development have been taken into consideration and properly respected to achieve sustainability.

After school, the ethnic children in Quang Binh province will have lunch and take a nap in their classrooms, often planned on the ground floor, and classrooms become their second dormitory. There are many obstacles to improve the living standard here, for instance, the cost of transportation and the lack of sustainable design knowledge.

Many towns and villages in Quang Binh are mainly located in a low-land area, facing disaster throughout the year. Flooding has occurred more frequently in recent years and the situation is getting worse. Many people have lost their houses and all properties in floods. Children and adults must go to the rooftops, getting stuck there several days and waiting for emergency aid. Without an efficient solution, they will continue to live in misery and property. Therefore we would like to help them with our flood-adaptive housing design concept.

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