Architect: Bui Quang Tien, Le Duc, Tho, Nguyen Manh Cuong, Le Doan Hung

Company / Organisation

TNT Architects


Vinh city

In recent years, medium-size and small-size industrial zones have been developing vigorously in central provinces of Vietnam, including in Vinh city. Due to a rapid growth rate, a comfortable living and working environment for workers and staff in these industrial zones have not yet been properly taken into consideration.

Understanding that this problem must be solved as soon as possible, Viet My Corporation requires that a new office building should be constructed in view of environment- friendly design. This will provide a built environment for people in which one person will be much better connected with another as well as with nature while the energy consumption should be reduced.

More specifically, Viet My new office building consists of two blocks with certain purposes of use. The ground floor provides offices for 18 staff and a 200-seat meeting hall is planned on the first floor. These two floors are interconnected. This building is where the staff meet up in the morning before they start a working day and in the afternoon when they finish their work of the day, as well as in lunchtime and tea breaks of conferences.

The open structure is applied to both the ground floor and the first floor to maximize the view to the garden and the existing tan wattle forest nearby. Therefore, it is possible to establish close contact between human and nature. The double-layer roof structure allows air circulation and reduces heat effect. Similarly, the double-skinin external wall concept with creeping plants all over the outer surface minimizes solar radiation in the east-west direction. Their solutions are learned from the local traditional building experience and help save energy for the whole building.

With Viet My office building, we would like to design a modeling project for this kind of building in Vinh city in wide range of concepts, from construction site and indoor comfort as an integral part of living quality, relationship among building occupants and interconnection human – nature – architecture.

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