The Mystery of the Cup of Spec Go Green

In each competition and award, the cup is a symbol of the competition’s soul, and the Spec Go Green is not exception, the trophy is prestigious award given to the young architects, architecture students in Vietnam and the Asia for creating “Green” solutions realistically and sustainably, promoting the trend of designing green building globally.

The Cup of Spec Go Green is not only deservedly given for the efforts, contributions of the award winners but also a present for spiritual motivation and valuable monument marking memorable moment. Thereby, the trophy makes the award stand out as well the honor, help increase the motivation, belief in order to reach a new level. Therefore, in every years, the organizers of the Spec Go Green International Awards often focus on designing the Cup very much. Let’s take a look the unique feature of this honorable Cup over the years:

The Mystery of the Cup of Spec Go Green
The cup 2014.

The Cup was designed in a simple shape of cube, not decorated with elaborate details but still express the spirit and belief of each individual winning the award. It was the connection between an inverted pyramid and circle symbol of transparent crystal highlighting the award logo with the expectation to expand and connect the “Green Architecture” from Vietnam to all over the world.

The Mystery of the Cup of Spec Go Green
The cup 2015

Wood is known as carbon neutral resources which can be renewable and abundant. Material of rustic wood help make people feel close to the nature as the criteria of the contest. The ideal of cup made from the solid wood with nature grain made a strongly visual impression with unique design, the highlight is finely cut corners, exuding the rustic and close. On the back, there are many impressive and eye-catching carves, overall of the Cup is minimalist but also modern.

The Mystery of the Cup of Spec Go Green
The cup 2016

The cup was designed simply, ignoring all decorative details and sophisticated line in all the aspects of design but still convey the message of the authors. Especially, the cup’s dominant color is yellow – the brightest color in the spectrum line, the color of victory. For the Spec Go Green this color symbolizes the youthful dynamism as well the enduring creativity. This selection of colors as a way to arouse enthusiasm, represents the desire to reach new things, new creations for Green Architecture of Vietnam.

The Mystery of the Cup of Spec Go Green
The cup 2017

This Cup was inspired from geometric shapes- the foundation of architectural design that help create some of the world ‘s greatest architectural masterpieces with properties of pure, order and logic, which geometric pattern can be easily used in interior as well exterior design in both tradition and modern style. The work expressed sharp, strong also technical lines, and was stylized impressively with the base that highlights every details of the cup.

The Mystery of the Cup of Spec Go Green
The Cup 2018.

The Cup was designed in cube form with the meticulously cut corners, creating a delicate and pure beauty despite of its simple design but attractive by transparency through the edges. The Cup was made from Crystal – the sparkling material like the real diamonds which has in deep meaning related to success of a person, a collective and a community.

In base of the criteria: Vietnam Green Architecture, the creativity of Shapes- Function- Technology, the design of the Spec Go Green’s Cup has changed from season to season. Please join us for waiting the design of the cup of Spec Go Green 2019


SPEC GO GREEN INTERNATIONAL AWARDS is a precious architectural award for young architects, architecture students in Vietnam and Asia for many years under the auspices of the Vietnam Association of Architects, SPEC sponsor of the 4-Oranges Company  and implementing units: Kien Viet Design and Media Joint Stock Company, with the purpose of responding to the “Proclamation of Vietnam Green Building” and Green Architecture Criteria announced by Vietnam Association of Architects.

Details about the contest can see this link

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