Spec Go Green is back – More new surprises for Green Architecture in Vietnam

Spec Go Green, the annual Green Architecture Award has officially opened for the 2019 season. In continuation of the success of the previous four years (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018), Spec Go Green International Awards 2019 promises to bring a new breeze for Green Architecture in Vietnam.

Held for the first time in 2014, so far, SPEC GO GREEN INTERNATIONAL AWARDS has created significant values in green architecture community in Vietnam in particular and green architecture in the region in general, with the councilors including international prestigious experts. Over the years, the total number of submissions has reached nearly 700, with the submissions of international students and architects increasing each year.

Following the previous seasons, SPEC GO GREEN INTERNATIONAL AWARDS 2019 once again responded to the Green Architecture movement, inspiring young architects and architects in Asian countries to apply green concept in their projects and create positive effects to the society, showing responsibility for the environment and sustainable development.

This year, the award rules have changed to be more in line with the global “green” trend, and encouraged architects and students to show new creativity in green architecture.

Participants in the SPEC GO GREEN award are Young Architects (or group of young architects) in Asian countries (under 40 years old); Architecture students (or groups of students – no more than three members per group) currently studying at any schools of architecture in all Asian countries.

Categories of Spec Go Green International Awards 2019:

1. Green buildings of all types that have been designed by young architects and already constructed – or at least the designs have already been approved; Architectural projects of all building types that have been designed or proposed by students for specific sites.

2. Buildings and projects that have made substantial contributions to the communities Houses for areas affected by natural disasters (storms, inundations and earthquakes), houses for low-income people, community houses in rural areas, etc. This category encompasses buildings that have been already constructed, projects designed or ideas proposed by young architects and/or students of architecture.

This year, the jury of SPEC GO GREEN INTERNATIONAL AWARDS 2019 will assess submissions based on two criteria: Green/Sustainable Architecture (based on those issued and applied by Vietnam Association of Architects) and Design criteria – The creativity in Form – Function – Technology.

With the judges of experts and prestigious architects, the SPEC GO GREEN GREEN INTERNATIONAL AWARDS 2019 offers lots of attractive prizes. For young architects, there will be the First Prize worth 10,000 USD, the Second Prize worth 5,000 USD, the Third Prize worth 3,000 USD and 2 TOP 5 prizes each worth 2,000 USD.

For Architecture Students, the First Prize worth 4,000 USD, the Second Prize worth 2,000 USD, the Third Prize worth 1,500 USD and 2 TOP 5 prizes each worth 1,000 USD.

In addition, there are 2 awards decided by the council for projects, constructions, projects that contribute positively to the society, each prize worth $ 1,500.

In response to the movement of living green – cleaning the Earth, the SPEC GO GREEN GREEN INTERNATIONAL AWARDS 2019 hopes to contribute practical values ​​to the nation’s architecture. The organization is looking forward to receiving projects and designs from the students as well as young architects and spreading this good message throughout Asia.

SPEC GO GREEN INTERNATIONAL AWARD is a prestigious architectural award for young architects and architecture students under the auspices of the Vietnam Association of Architects, the sponsor SPEC of 4 Oranges Company and the execution acency Kien Viet Joint Stock Company. The award is a respond to the “Vietnam Green Architecture” manifesto and the Green Architecture Criteria announced by the Vietnam Association of Architects.

Judging time: December 09 and 10, 2019

Awarding time: January 8, 2020

For more information about the prize rules, please visit the website www.specgogreen.com and kienviet.net. The organization accepts entries until 17:00 on November 30, 2019.



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