Spec Go Green 2019 | Prof. Dr. Vuong Hai Long: “Don’t just create Green Architecture by sight”

Hanoi Architectural University is one of the universities having many winning candidates in the Spec Go Green International Awards 2018, a prestigious architectural award for young architects and architecture students under the auspices of the Vietnam Association of Architects, the sponsor SPEC of 4-Oranges Company and the acency Kien Viet Joint Stock Company. This year the award has spreaded all over Asia. The award is a respond to the “Vietnam Green Architecture” manifesto and the Green Architecture Criteria announced by the Vietnam Association of Architects. Prof. Dr. Vuong Hai Long – Head of Architecture Department of Hanoi Architectural University shares his opinion with us.

Reporter: How do you evaluate the importance of Spec Go Green Award?

Prof. Dr. Long: Green Architecture is a trend that contributes to the green planet associated with sustainable development. In all the trends to preserve this social house, Green Architecture will be the mainstream key because it focuses on the “green” story. Along with that, there have been many organizations, competitions towards or responding green trend, and the Spec Go Green Award is an award that was started early from 2014 to the 6th season so there has been a spread wide, attracting numerous young students and architects. I consider this to be one of the efforts of sponsor SPEC of 4–Oranges Company and the agency Kien Viet Joint Stock Company, respond to the Declaration “Vietnam Green Architecture” and the Green Architecture Criteria announced by the Vietnam Association of Architects in order to promote Green Architecture in Vietnam.

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Reporter: What do you think about the quality of the project of Spec Go Green award, of students in recent years?

Prof. Dr. Long: Through observing, I saw the number of entries increasing each year. Moreover, the tournament has been expanded not only in the country but also in Asia, proving that this is a prestigious and increasingly attractive prize for architectural students and young architects. With such number of entries, it will be harder for the judges but also bring an abundance of selection of quality entries that best meet the criteria of the competition.

Reporter: In the Spec Go Green International Awards 2018, which projects were you impressed with?

Prof. Dr. Long: To find out the projects that won the jury, the judges had worked very hard, and so every winning project was impressive and worthy. In my opinion, I am quite interested in the simple idea of the students with the project “Farming Tower” – in the context of Melaleuca forest with a certain origin. But what I want to see more is the thinking of architecture students nowaday has more depth, you not only see the creation of visual dormitory but also focus on sustainable green that is the nature of the dormitory.

Reporter: Students are more and more aware and interested in social and community issues when designing projects, what do you think about this?

Prof. Dr. Long: Obviously it’s a good thing and something we always encourage and aim for you. If the students only understand “green” as a green color on the drawings, the building blocks are only green with paint colors on the walls or covered with artificial grass, that is a superficial understanding of the nature of the dormitory. From that, it shows that it is a great effort from students themselves as well as the learning and training environment that has helped students with a lot of luggage and proper knowledge, so that they can gradually improve their knowledge about dormitory.

Reporter: In your point of view, what do you think about the community award and the trend towards community? What should students pay attention to when designing a green architecture building towarding the community?

Prof. Dr. Long: Thinking about the community is our desire not just for this award. Community element is an important factor, the design of architects should also be connected to the community and vice versa, each individual, organization, community also need to join hands to preserve and protect the environment. That will help to wide spread the meaning of this award. And when doing community design, I always want to emphasize the story of understanding the true nature of the dormitory, “green” but always associated with the sustainability and understanding of knowledge from the socio-economic-cultural the region can create a truly green environment.

Reporter: What do you think the Spec Go Green has contributed to the students?

Prof. Dr. Long: Currently, there are many opportunities for students to participate in the awards. It is a friction, adding luggage to your future steps. Spec Go Green has a very methodical approach, the communication is widely given the award an official nomination, so the participants will certainly receive a lot of value.

Reporter: What are your expectations for your students at this Spec Go Green International Awards 2019?

Prof. Dr. Long: I only have one wish: “I wish you all the enthusiasm for your work and dare to accept challenges. In architecture, you should have harmony because architecture is a discipline having both technical and artistic elements. So how to make your projects not only eye-catching, but ignore the functional factors or the operation process or tend to be economical, economical, but the form is not attractive, really creative or too dependent on technical factors. Just explore and invent because I believe your youth will soon lead you to success if you try hard enough and be determined.

Reporter: Thank you for the interview. We wish you lots of health to continue training the next generations of talented architects.


SPEC GO GREEN INTERNATIONAL AWARDS is a precious architectural award for young architects, architecture students in Vietnam and Asia for many years under the auspices of the Vietnam Association of Architects, SPEC sponsor of the 4-Oranges Company  and implementing units: Kien Viet Design and Media Joint Stock Company, with the purpose of responding to the “Proclamation of Vietnam Green Building” and Green Architecture Criteria announced by Vietnam Association of Architects.

Details about the contest can see this link

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