Spec Go Green 2019 | Ph. D& Architect Nguyen Tien Thuan: I want to have some challenges “ Courageous enough to face”

Ph. D& Architect Nguyen Tien Thuan, one of Jury members in The Spec Go Green International Awards 2018- The award responds to the “ Proclamation of Green Building” made by Vietnam Association of Architects, encouraging the  young professionals and students of architecture in Asia to continue their designs for green building that makes a significant contribution to the community as well as the environment. Ph. D& Architect Nguyen Tien Thuan – General Director of X1-HAAI Architecture Co, LTD, the former Deputy Head of Architecture Faculty of Hanoi University of Architecture shared a lot of valuable experiences for the young architects and students of architecture in Vietnam.

Reporter: MR Nguyen Tien Thuan: As one of the Jury members in the Spec Go Green International Awards 2018, Can you please tell us that how do you feel about the first time you play this role?

Ph. D& Architect Thuan: Although this is my first time coming to Spec Go Green, this role is absolutely familiar to me. Participating in the 2018 tournament gave me a lot of emotion because this is an award that has been held for 5 consecutive years with a large number of submissions from young students and architects in all over the country and in ASIAN. It proves the attraction, the spread of the competition as well as the interest from the architectural world to the trends and design ideas of “green architecture” and sustainability. In the competition, the jury members are all experienced professionals, we sit in the position of “To Hold the balance” should always be fair to evaluate and give really convincing and worthy results.

Reporter: How do you evaluate the idea of ​​the building projects for the recent Green Architecture?

Ph. D& Architect Thuan: I regularly followed the Spec Go Green International Awards of the exam seasons before I accepted to judge the contest in 2018. I found that the participants are young, but through the submissions they mentioned quite a lot of aspects of various problems of dormitory projects from rural houses, houses to workers, houses to resettlement areas …

Reporter: So in your opinion, Whether the architects and students understand correctly about the Green Architecture and how do they express it through the submissions?

Ph. D& Architect Thuan: In fact, The Spec Go Green is not a new concept. However, there are different limitations in understanding it thoroughly and the young architects also have shown through each of their exams. For me, the Green Architecture is not only purely qualitative concept but it must be verified or approved by the calculation software , then it will be able to make conclusion that whether it can achieve the criteria of the Spec Go Green or not. Therefore, it is not difficult in order to understand about the Spec Go Green but is a challenge to create a realistic and sustainable Green Architecture clearly, bringing practical value to the environment as well the architecture.

Spec Go Green 2019 | Ph. D& Architect Nguyen Tien Thuan: I want to have some challenges “ Courageous enough to face”
Reporter: Which works are you particularly impressed in, sir?

Ph. D& Architect Thuan: In myself, I am a quite fastidious architect. I do not easily accept anything that are not really unique. But as a jury member, a teacher and a person who wishes to share knowledge from previous generations, I want to have an inspiring and encouraging recognition from small successes of young people. I did not want to take my own fastidiousness to impose but all the awards writemypapers.org at the Spec Go Green International Awards 2018 convinced me. I am quite impressed in Module + Project. In the context of romantic natural scenery, the two of architects thought of a building with a special structure and simple form, but also very modern and highly flexible. It makes the architectural image stand out and deserves a tourist attraction…

Reporter: How do you think about the Community Award? What is your expectation in the Spec Go Green International Awards, sir?

Ph. D& Architect Thuan: The Community Award is so important. However, please consider a really insolvable problem that is solving urban questions. We are so familiar to focusing the Green Architectures on rural, deep- lying and remote areas… when mention to the Community Award. No Community issues have been solved right in the city, but in fact the society and public urgent matter in which has a great influence on socio- economic activities of a country is truly town area. Because of the community’s inadequacy, there are any reasons for the concern about that area. Therefore, the interest in the community and the architectural issues that benefit the people are always present in every architect. Thereby, this year, I wish there will be new ideals, new works, the issues of architecture “Courageous Enough to Face” and building project occupying a huge volumes in the cities that we have not yet deal with. The Green Architecture help resolve the hot issues so we can see a city greener, the air and the environment better and better in which the people can live as longer as possible. Moreover, it is also sustainability so that we should make such changes in the ideals of community prize to be successful in this respect and the competion become a place where look for really essential things for the public. However, only qualitative solutions are not enough so that the Spec Go Green should be verified by the accounting software to be typically effective and convincing. 

Reporter: It is thought that The Spec Go Green International Award makes a significant contribution to propaganda and makes people aware of the Green Architecture’s criteria given by the Architects Association. Do you agree with that and in your opinion, how do you evaluate about the influence level of the completion, sir? 

Ph. D& Architect Thuan: Through this Award, I also hope that it can strengthen the propaganda and ideological education of people. Because up to now, the population environment not only has been an issues in Vietnam but all over the world. Therefore, the architectural works must be such that then we can hope our planet able to retain the “Green”.

Reporter: Do you agree if you continue to be invited to be a jury member of the Spec International Awards 2019?

Ph. D& Architect Thuan: In case of my good health status as well receiving the trust form the organizers, Maybe I still accept the companion with the Spec Go Green Award because I am quite interested in contacting with the mentality, the new creation that I myself have learned a lot more then.

Reporter: Thank you for you sharing, we hope to see you again at the Spec Go Green International Awards 2019 in December.

SPEC GO GREEN INTERNATIONAL AWARDS is a precious architectural award for young architects, architecture students in Vietnam and Asia for many years under the auspices of the Vietnam Association of Architects, SPEC sponsor of the 4-Oranges Company  and implementing units: Kien Viet Design and Media Joint Stock Company, with the purpose of responding to the “Proclamation of Vietnam Green Building” and Green Architecture Criteria announced by Vietnam Association of Architects.

Details about the contest can see this link

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