Spec Go Green 2019 | Assoc.Prof.Dr. Vu Hong Cuong: “Need to affirm the identity in Green Architecture”

Over 50 years of establishment and development, Hanoi Architecture University is an ideal school for those studying architecture. This is also the place where many entries take part in the Spec Go Green International Awards – the green architectural awards for young architects, architecture students in Vietnam and Asia. Assoc.Prof.Dr. Vu Hong Cuong, Dean of Falcuty of Furniture and Industrial Arts at University of Hanoi Architecture had a talk with us.

Reporter: The term Green Architecture appears more and more in the world of architecture, can you share your opinion about Green Architecture?

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Cuong: Green Architecture is not a strange term. In my opinion, Green Architecture is the most suitable architecture with nature, minimizing the impact on nature towards a closer lifestyle to save energy and keep the environment clean according to the criteria of sustainable development. In the traditional Vietnamese architectural, the rural housing models have implemented the Green Architecture model and it seems that the dormitory is inherently in the designer’s conscience without being forced or forced. However, the expression “green” in both aspects: material or mental is not clear, there are works that are “green” but not yet complete.

Reporter: So, up to you, is Green Architecture a trend in Vietnam?

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Cuong: Currently, Green Architecture has gradually become a trend in construction works. Green Architecture can be considered as a guideline for the development of architecture in Vietnam but it is not fully completed if we tent to move forward to an advanced, modern and “identity” architecture. I myself am struggling with that word “identity” and a lot of architects have avoided it because it is actually hard to collect, refer to or follow things that other countries have done but lack in our country. It is time for Vietnamese architecture to develop stronger and assert the “identity” in Green Architecture.

Reporter: How do you rate the way students approach the Green Architecture?

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Cuong: Spec Go Green International Awards is a competition with a growing scale, in response to the “Green Architecture Declaration” of the Vietnam Architects Association, promoting the design trend of green standards globally. The competition has two categories including a category for students. It can be considered as a playground for students but also a place to learn and improve knowledge and awareness in many aspects. You can convey ideas and messages about the dormitory very strongly through the contest projects. However, you need to be careful, not only grasp the external signals or the model structure of the projects that have been solved somewhere, do not consider it a formula for you to follow but it must be Your own research, your thinking, must come from the underlying necessity within each person, each region, every nation to have modern, advanced and truly constructive works, “Identity” and not mixed.

Reporter: In your opinion, how will the Spec Go Green International Awards bring benefits to students and how does the award contribute to Green Architecture in Vietnam?

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Cuong: Obviously, the Spec Go Green International Awards is a highly specialized award, with a wide coverage. This competition is like a bright spot in the Vietnamese architectural circle and at the same time as a playground of creativity, a place to interact, learn and increase the cohesion of young students, architects in the country and Asia. It can be said that the students, young architects today are very wise when choosing dormitory to catch up with architecture in the world. It is both a trend and a principle, but it is also very suitable because it inherits from Vietnamese traditional architecture for a long time.

Reporter: So it can say that the Spec Go Green International Awards has great significance, could you send a few words to the students who are intending to participate in the Spec Go Green International Awards 2019?

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Cuong: About the competition, I would like to have more separate criteria for the interior segment so that the furniture segment will also contribute more to the construction of dormitory. To the students I only have one advice: “Take part in the competition because you will not only receive prizes but this is really a game of professional quality and worth to attend. Bring your ideas and creativity to the competition, I believe that you will always be properly recognized and this is also a stepping stone for you to be more confident in developing your career and making contributions. contribute positively to the architecture of Vietnam.”

Reporter: Thank you for your sharing. We wish you lots of health to continue training more generations of talented architects.


SPEC GO GREEN INTERNATIONAL AWARDS is a precious architectural award for young architects, architecture students in Vietnam and Asia for many years under the auspices of the Vietnam Association of Architects, SPEC sponsor of the 4-Oranges Company  and implementing units: Kien Viet Design and Media Joint Stock Company, with the purpose of responding to the “Proclamation of Vietnam Green Building” and Green Architecture Criteria announced by Vietnam Association of Architects.

Details about the contest can see this link

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