Farming Tower – “Healing architecture”

“Healing architecture” is the message that the students from Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture want to send through the project “Farming Tower”. The project has successfully passed hundreds of entries to win the First Prize in the Student Category of SPEC GO GREEN INTERNATIONAL AWARD 2018.

Authors: Tran Anh Duy – Pham Duy Tan

Instructor: Tran Dinh Nam – Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture

The project was developed from the perspective of a young team of architecture students on the issue of environmental degradation caused by humans, especially the quick disappearance of ​​melaleuca forests resulted from the construction of canals and dams to stop the water flow from the Mekong River to boost rice production. The ecological imbalance of the Mekong Delta is aggravated, with alluvial sources in the process of accretion, along with a range of consequences such as landslides, floods, arsenic pollution …

The authors’ proposal is to develop and organize a low-cost model that is feasible and makes the best use of available resources for economic, life and environmental development, whereas retains the characteristics of traditional culture. Therefore, the authors decided to chose Tra Su forest as the pilot site.

Farming Tower – “Healing architecture”

“Bring back the living natural environment”

With the idea of ​​creating a natural “Water Storage Tank” to store water from the upper Mekong River, the authors proposed to remove some levees to naturally plumb water and silt to nourish melaleuca forest system and balance the natural ecosystem.

Farming Tower – “Healing architecture”

Levee removal to plumb water and silt

In addition to preserving the agriculture, forestry and fishery, along with handicraft villages, the authors also want to develop a sustainable tourism experience based on the topography of Tra Su forest, temporarily called: long-distanced canoing experience ”. Visitors will be free to create their own living space in the “homestay” area – the soul of Tra Su forest. The construction is a completely hollow space, with cost-saving bearing frame system.

Farming Tower – “Healing architecture”

The construction can provide clean water for the area from natural water filtration systems, storing electrical energy by solar panels. At the same time, it is also a place for researching and preserving plants and animals, which can be considered as a symbol marking the turning point for the development of a new era. When the environment is positively changed, the residents will be able to live in a new environment and benefit from the model of “farming tower”, creating opportunities for the conservation and development of local traditions.

Farming Tower – “Healing architecture”

Farming tower with integrated function model

Spec Go Green International Awards is a precious architectural award for young architects, architecture students in Vietnam and Asia for many years under the auspices of the Vietnam Association of Architects, SPEC sponsor of the 4-Oranges Company  and implementing units: Kien Viet Design and Media Joint Stock Company, with the purpose of responding to the “Proclamation of Vietnam Green Building” and Green Architecture Criteria announced by Vietnam Association of Architects.

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