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Eligibility & Rules


Kiến trúc sư Trẻ các nước châu Á (độ tuổi dưới 40 tuổi).
Sinh viên Kiến trúc (hoặc nhóm sinh viên không quá 3 người) đang học tập tại các trường đào tạo KTS trong các nước khu vực châu Á.

---- English below ----
  • Young architects from all over Asia (under 40 years old).
  • Students of architecture (or groups of students – no more than three members per group) currently studying at any schools of architecture in all Asian countries.

1.Criteria of green/sustainable architecture

The criteria are primarily based on those issued and applied by Vietnam Association of Architects. The Organising Committee has re-edited these criteria and will use them for the evaluation and selection of participating projects (Please refer to Appendix for details).

2.Design criteria

The Jury members will evaluate each participating project on the basis of the following criteria: Built form – Function – Creativity (Please refer to Appendix for details).